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Lucigen Webinar: Whole Genome Amplification WGA

Whole Genome Amplification (WGA): What to Do When You Don’t Have Enough Genomic DNA
Have you ever wanted to analyze your favorite genomic DNA (gDNA) sample, but didn’t have enough starting material? Perhaps you wanted to perform whole genome sequencing on a single mammalian cell (e.g. a single cancer cell), but couldn’t effectively make your next-gen sequencing fragment library because you didn’t have enough DNA?

Or maybe you had enough material from your metagenomic sample to perform one PCR analysis, but you used up the entire sample in that one experiment and couldn’t archive any material for future analyses?

If you’ve experienced any of these or other issues due to limiting gDNA samples, then this webinar will help you identify potential solutions. We’ll introduce whole genome amplification using multiple displacement amplification (MDA), a technique which enables high-fidelity production of micrograms of gDNA from femtograms of gDNA.

Specifically, this webinar will (i) provide an overview of how MDA works, (ii) introduce the various forms of MDA (random priming vs. enzymatic priming), and (iii) compare the performance of various MDA kits. The data presented will include next-gen sequencing results using whole genome amplified DNA as starting material. Together, this webinar will help you understand the key differences between the various MDA kits/approaches and enable you to choose the most appropriate kit for your experiments with precious, limiting gDNA samples.

Key Learning Objectives
  • Learn the basics of multiple displacement amplification (MDA) for whole genome amplification
  • Explore the different forms of MDA kits available
  • Investigate the performance differences of the various MDA kits 
  • Look in depth at the use of whole genome amplification followed by next gen sequencing

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