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The 10 things we love about Promega's Maxwell CSC Instrument

The 10 things we love about Promega's Maxwell CSC Instrument

Hi all! We just wanted to list out the 10 things we really love about Promega's Maxwell CSC. Yes, yes, these lists can be boring but I really think that after reading through the succinctly written list you should consider getting in touch with us for a demonstration for your lab. 
  1. Handles 16/24 samples in just 72 minutes
  2. Great size - small and easy to handle bench-top instrument
  3. Automates DNA and RNA extraction for IVD use
  4. Generates consistent, high-quality nucleic acid for use in downstream diagnostic amplification assays
  5. Works with multiple sample types, e.g., blood, FFP (CE-IVD) or plasma, swabs, cells, saliva and many others (RUO)
  6. Paramagnetic particle use = no cross-contaminations
  7. Designed and manufactured under cGMP
  8. Reliable sample tracking with integrated barcode scanner
  9. Technical features support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  10. Flexible, dual-mode software with separate RUO mode for research-based DNA & RNA extractions

Contact us today at and we'll be very happy to tell you more. 

Thanks all :)


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