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TNT T7 Quick Coupled Transcription/Translation System

by Promega
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The TNT Quick Systems are convenient single-tube, coupled transcription/translation reactions for eukaryotic cell-free protein expression. These cell-free expression systems combine the RNA Polymerase, nucleotides, salts, amino acids and Recombinant RNasin Ribonuclease Inhibitor with the reticulocyte lysate solution to form a single TNT Quick Master Mix. The TNT Quick Coupled Transcription/Translation System is available in two configurations for the expression of genes cloned downstream from either the T7 or SP6 RNA polymerase promoters. To use these cell-free expression systems, 0.2-2.0ug of circular plasmid DNA containing a T7 or SP6 promoter, or a PCR-generated fragment containing a T7 promoter, is added to an aliquot of the TNT Quick Master Mix and incubated in a 50ul reaction volume for 60-90 minutes at 30 degrees C. The expression reaction produces significant quantities of protein for a variety of applications including GST pull-downs and gel shift assays.


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