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Lumit Detection Reagent B

by Promega
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The Lumit Immunoassay Labeling Kit allows the users to label their antibodies and proteins with HaloTag-SmBiT and HaloTag-LgBiT to enable the development of a Lumit Immunoassay. The Lumit Detection Reagents A and B are specially designed to detect luminescence signal from Lumit Immunoassays when using labeled primary antibodies.Lumit Immunoassays are based on NanoLuc Binary Technology (NanoBiT) technology. NanoBiT, a structural complementation reporter designed for biomolecular interaction studies, is composed of two subunits, Large BiT (LgBiT) and Small BiT (SmBiT) that have been optimized for stability and minimal self-association due to weak affinity. When these subunits are fused to two interacting proteins, the subunits come into close proximity, reassemble into the functional enzyme and 'report' on the interaction.


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