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Lumit FcRn Binding Immunoassay

by Promega
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The Lumit FcRn Binding Immunoassay is a novel homogeneous (no-wash) competition assay, based on NanoBiT technology to measure the interaction between human FcRn and Fc proteins, including antibodies. NanoLuc Binary Technology (NanoBiT) is a structural complementation reporter designed for biomolecular interaction studies. The NanoBiT system is composed of two subunits, the 18kDa Large BiT (LgBiT) and the 11 amino acid peptide Small BiT (SmBiT) that have been optimized for stability and minimal self-association.In the Lumit FcRn Binding Immunoassay, a human IgG1 labeled with LgBiT (Tracer-LgBiT) is used as the tracer. A C-terminal biotinylated human FcRn bound to streptavidin-SmBiT (hFcRn-SmBiT) is used as the target. In the absence of an antibody analyte, Tracer-LgBiT binds to the hFcRn-SmBiT target, resulting in maximum luminescence signal. In samples containing analyte, nonlabeled IgG will compete with Tracer-LgBiT for binding to the FcRn target, resulting in a concentration-dependent decrease in the luminescent signal.


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