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Wizard HMW DNA Extraction Kit

The Wizard HMW DNA Extraction Kit is designed for isolation of high-molecular-weight DNA from white blood cells, tissue culture cells, plant tissue and Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. DNA purified with this system is particularly suitable for long-read sequencing platforms when the protocol is closely followed and DNA handled carefully. Deviating from the recommended protocol, particularly the pipette-mixing or vortexing instructions, will cause mechanical shearing of HMW DNA and decrease average fragment sizes. Such DNA shearing will negatively affect performance in long-read sequencing applications. To maximize genomic DNA size, the protocols for this kit incorporate the use of commonly available 1,000microl wide-bore pipette tips. Using these wide-bore tips minimizes mechanical damage that may occur during required mixing steps. While these wide-bore tips will yield larger average fragment sizes, be careful during mixing steps and when handling purified DNA after rehydration. Avoid vigorous vortexing and use 200microl wide-bore tips to homogenize rehydrated DNA samples, if necessary. Note: If wide-bore pipettes are unavailable, you can still extract HMW genomic DNA by substituting an alternate mixing strategy described in the protocol. This alternative combines the use of standard-bore pipette tips with gentle vortexing to replace wide-bore pipette mixing. While there is a slight reduction in average size of purified DNA, the yield may increase.

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