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Slicprep 96 Device

The Slicprep 96 Device allows solid material to be incubated with a solution in a basket that is placed in a deep-well plate. Following incubation, the basket is raised with a collar for an additional 0.5ml of space below the basket. This allows removal of the incubation liquid and solubilized material from the solid support without having to transfer material to another tube or plate. One-millimeter holes in the bottom of the basket allow rapid flow of liquid in and out of the baskets. The device is manufactured with polypropylene to reduce adsorption of biological material onto the plastic and give it strength and stability over a wide temperature range. The components are manufactured and assembled in a HEPA-filtered clean room with gloved and gowned personnel to reduce the chance of DNA contamination. The package contains 10 units of the Slicprep 96 Device. Each unit consists of three components: the 96 Spin Basket, 96 Deep Well Plate and U-Shaped Collar, which is used to raise the baskets during centrifugation.

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