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PureYield Plasmid Maxiprep System

by Promega
€ 176.10

The PureYield Plasmid Maxiprep System isolates transfection-quality plasmid DNA. The system provides a rapid method for purification of up to 1mg of plasmid DNA from a 250ml bacterial culture. Plasmid DNA can be purified rapidly with the vacuum protocol, greatly reducing the time spent on purification compared to silica resin or other membrane-column methods. The PureYield Plasmid Maxiprep System incorporates a unique Endotoxin Removal Wash designed to remove substantial amounts of protein, RNA and endotoxin contaminants from purified plasmid DNA. Removal of contaminants improves the robustness of sensitive applications such as eukaryotic transfection, in vitro transcription and coupled in vitro transcription/translation (e.g., TNT Quick Coupled Transcription/Translation System). Purification is achieved without isopropanol precipitation of purified plasmid DNA. The system has been designed for use with a vacuum source and vacuum manifold (e.g., the Vac-Man Laboratory Vacuum Manifold). The Eluator Vacuum Elution Device is used to elute nucleic acids from PureYield Midiprep or Maxiprep columns. It consists of two pieces, a blue base and a clear column assembly. The base interfaces with a Vacuum Manifold that contains Luer-Lok fittings, such as the Vac-Man Laboratory Vacuum Manifold (Cat.# A7231), and holds a 1.5ml tube to capture the eluted nucleic acids. The column assembly accepts PureYield Midiprep or Maxiprep columns. The Eluator Device eliminates the requirement for a centrifuge with a swinging bucket rotor for nucleic acid purification, simplifying and speeding purification protocols.