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TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells

by Promega
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Transient transfection is a convenient approach for performing cell-based assays in easily transfected cell lines like HEK293 cells. However, maintaining cells in continuous culture to support routine transfection can be tedious and has some limitations.

TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells are HEK293 cells that are ready to use for transfection-based experiments. No cell culture is required prior to transfection—simply thaw, dilute and transfect using FuGENE® HD Transfection Reagent. Transient transfection with TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells offers several advantages over maintaining cells in continuous culture prior to transfection, including:

  • Frees personnel from carrying out cell culture duties needed to achieve optimal transfections and maintain cell line integrity.
  • Saves time required to expand cells, allowing transfection-based experiments to be carried out sooner.
  • Reduces consumable materials used for continuous cell culture, including media and plasticware.

Provides consistent and reliable transfections due to robust quality control.

Pre-Transfection Workflow Simplification:

TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells eliminate the need to culture cells ahead of a transfection, which can save more than a week of time, plus associated labor and consumables.

TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells Get Researchers to Assay Results Faster:

TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells have been extensively tested in NanoBRET™ Target Engagement (TE) Kinase Assays. By having TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells as a frozen reagent, researchers can set up NanoBRET™ TE Kinase Assays on demand and get results the next day

TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells are ready to use in NanoBRET™ TE transfection-based experiments—no cell culture required. A simple thaw, dilute and transfect protocol gets results quicker and with less work.

  • Frequent User of NanoBRET™ TE Assays

For drug development researchers routinely performing NanoBRET™ TE Assays who are strapped for time and need more flexibility in their day,

Promega TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells are ready to use for transfection without cell culture. The cells are ready when you are—simply thaw, dilute and transfect.

Unlike continuous cell culture, TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells can get a researcher results faster with a simplified, more flexible workflow that allows transfections to be performed on demand, saving time, labor and resources.

  • New Users of NanoBRET™ TE Assays

For drug development researchers that are new to NanoBRET™ TE Assays, have limited experience culturing cells, or lack the infrastructure for extensive cell culture,

Promega TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells are supplied frozen and are another assay reagent—simply thaw, dilute and transfect. No cell culture is needed to expand or maintain cells.

Unlike relying on colleagues or other providers for frozen cells, TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells are produced under quality control conditions to ensure consistent and reliable transfections, are extensively tested in NanoBRET™ TE Kinase Assays and are available in convenient sizes.

  • Note: TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells have only been tested using NanoBRET™ TE Kinase Assays using the adherent format (ADH). Testing of these cells with other Promega products/technologies is planned. As this data and information becomes available, the resources for TransfectNow™ HEK293 Cells will be updated.

Features and Benefits:

  • Transfection-Ready Cells: A simple thaw, dilute and transfect protocol gets a researcher their assay results the next day.
  • Cells are a Reagent: 1) Simplifies pre-experiment workflow; 2) saves time typically needed to expand and maintain cells in continuous culture; and 3) reduces cell culture consumables such as media and plasticware.
  • Reliable Transfections: Quality manufacturing produces reproducible transfections from day to day without a researcher worrying about cell health or density.

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