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MyBio - an accredited Diversity Supplier

What is 'Supplier Diversity'?

Businesses are recognising the need and importance of investing in diversity and inclusion as part of their supply chain. Supplier Diversity means growing your supplier base so that it reflects both your customer base and society as a whole.

Working with an accredited diverse supplier like MyBio is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your supply chain while tapping into innovative ways to bring your product range to the marketplace.

Why it's important for our suppliers ?

The use of diverse suppliers has become an integral part of purchasing procedures for many of the world’s most advanced companies — GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, Google etc. They recognise the value of supplier diversity, not only in terms of their corporate social responsibility but also with respect to their bottom line.

Diversity is especially crucial in today’s global marketplace as organisations interact with different cultures and clients. Working with an accredited diversity supplier like MyBio will create a clear competitive advantage for your company resulting in many of the advantages listed below:

The advantages of working with a Diversity Supplier like MyBio  

  • With full accreditation from WeConnect International, MyBio is eligible for all corporate Diversity Supplier Programs
  • Studies have shown that a more diverse supplier chain can add to your bottom line*
  • Customers and employees are increasingly expecting diversity
  • Diverse suppliers like MyBio are more flexible — they can adapt quickly and provide a more focused business relationship
  • Diversity within your supply chain will drive innovation and competition
  • The world’s leading companies are moving ahead with impressive supplier diversity programmes for a reason - it makes sense for their bottom line
  • Working with MyBio will boost your brand’s reputation by showcasing your company’s interest in and commitment to diversity
  • A positive impact on your customer relationships, the business community and on society as a whole

*The Hackett Group - Diversity Research, 2019

MyBio - Diversity, Agility and Digital Innovation

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