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Maxwell® CSC Instruments

Nucleic Acid Extraction for Diagnostic and Clinical Research Applications

Maxwell® CSC Instruments

Maxwell® CSC Instruments easily integrate into any laboratory workflow. Their compact size minimizes the impact on precious laboratory space and maximizes sample capacity. Choose an instrument to suit your laboratory throughput needs. Automatically process 1–16 samples with the Maxwell® CSC System, or increase your capacity with the Maxwell® CSC 48 System to process 1–48 samples.


The Maxwell® CSC Instruments use prefilled cartridges and preprogrammed methods to reduce the potential for user error. The Maxwell® CSC 48 includes an integrated vision system to verify correct deck tray setup prior to a run, further ensuring error-free operation. The purified nucleic acids are ready for use in diagnostic assays and are compatible with a wide range of downstream amplification-based applications.


The Maxwell® CSC Instruments are a high-value laboratory addition, capable of both clinical research (RUO) and diagnostic (IVD) applications with dual-mode software. The instruments and chemistries work with a variety of sample types, such as human blood, plasma, swabs, tissues, and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. No need to wait to process full runs. The Maxwell 1:1 Sample to Reagent Cartridge system allows you to process anywhere from 1 to 16 samples (Maxwell® CSC System) or 1 to 48 samples (Maxwell® CSC 48 System) simultaneously without wasting reagents


Maxwell® CSC software uses an easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface. You’ll be able to set up and perform your first run in a matter of minutes after initial instrument setup.

Intuitive Software Interface
Easy-to-use touch screen interface for walk-away, automated nucleic acid extraction at your fingertips.

Extraction in Only a Few Short Steps
1. Prepare samples and add to cartridge.
2. Scan kit to select appropriate protocol.
3. Select cartridge positions and assign sample IDs.
4. Start run. 


Automating nucleic acid extraction frees up your time. The integrated bar code reader eliminates the need to manually enter sample IDs and creates a streamlined, simple sample tracking report that easily exports to your laboratory notebook or accessible to your laboratory informatics system (LIMS)


The Maxwell® CSC Instruments are backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty, our expert service team and a full line of additional service products.

The Maxwell® CSC makes it easy to set up and run samples

Dual Mode Functionality

Extract high-quality DNA/RNA for downstream diagnostic amplification assays in IVD mode or extract samples for a variety of research applications in RUO mode.

Track Samples Easily

The integrated bar code reader records important information such as sample ID, kit ID and kit lot number.

Easy to Use

The intuitive touch screen interface lets you easily set up your purification run.

Reduce Processing Time

Place prepared cartridges in the Maxwell® CSC. Press “Start” to purify 1–16 samples using the selected kit’s preprogrammed method.

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