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Promega Spectrum Family

Big and Powerful, or Small and Mighty.
The Choice Is Yours.

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Spectrum Family of CE instruments

Promega developed the Spectrum Family of CE instruments with the day-to-day challenges of the forensic analyst in mind. Whether you need higher throughput, 4-plate capacity and access to 8-dye technology, or simply want a smaller instrument compatible with existing 4-, 5- and 6-dye STR kits for your forensic samples, there’s a Spectrum CE System for you.

Support for Existing and Future Technologies 

The Spectrum CE System supports 8-color chemistry, offering superior results over existing kits. Both systems are compatible with existing 5- and 6-color STR kits from multiple vendors. The Spectrum Compact CE System also supports Sanger sequencing, making it ideal for de novo sequencing or NGS confirmation, in addition to fragment analysis.

Built for Your Workflow

Spectrum CE System

With a 4-plate drawer and the ability to add plates during a run, you’ll love the increased flexibility and capacity with Spectrum. It’s a loading bay you can keep humming with work all day long.

Spectrum Compact CE System

Fast run times and a touchscreen interface will get you from A to B with the least amount of fuss. It processes up to 32 samples in a single run and comes with pre-loaded protocols for commercially available STR kits.

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