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10 x 10mm Square Methacrylate Cuvette (3.5ml capacity)


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The GloMax-Multi Jr Single-Tube Multimode Reader is designed to provide the utmost flexibility. In addition to high performance, the GloMax-Multi Jr blends user-friendly operation and a small footprint with flexible purchasing options. The result of this design is an instrument with superior performance that is easy to use, affordable and can be customized to your laboratory's needs. The GloMax-Multi Jr with a Luminescence Module is designed to deliver performance equivalent to dedicated single-tube luminometers while also offering the flexibility of a multimode reader. The GloMax-Multi Jr has a sensitivity of 1 x 10(-18) moles of luciferase and >5 logs of dynamic range. This dynamic range is more than adequate to cover common luminescence applications, thus reducing the need to dilute samples. The GloMax-Multi Jr with a Fluorescence Module is designed to deliver both high performance and user flexibility. To achieve high performance, each Fluorescence Module utilizes powerful light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as excitation sources. LED usage increases sensitivity by fully exciting the fluorophore and reducing nonspecific light leakage, a problem often found when using broad-spectrum light sources. Four standard fluorescence optical kits are available for purchase, or contact us to purchase a custom optical kit: UV (Ex 365nm, Em 410-450nm); Blue (Ex 460nm, Em 515-570nm); Green (Ex 525nm, Em 580-640nm); Red (Ex 625nm, Em 660-720nm). The GloMax-Multi Jr with the Absorbance Module provides measurements that are highly sensitive and cover a wide dynamic range. The absorbance channel has a large reading range of 0-4 OD with an accuracy that deviates less than 0.7%. The GloMax-Multi Jr has three optional filter paddles with factory-installed filters for measuring 560, 600 and 750nm. These filters accommodate the most common protein assays. Filter paddles can be exchanged easily in seconds. In addition, custom filter paddles can be made readily for nonstandard applications. The GloMax-Multi Jr is designed to be put into use right from the box without the need to read a manual or obtain special training. To achieve this plug-and-play usability, the GloMax-Multi Jr combines a color touch screen with an intuitive user interface. The interface makes running samples and viewing data fast and simple while also maintaining the flexibility needed for advanced or custom protocols. The GloMax-Multi Jr is a modular instrument that fits easily into most budgets. Purchase the technology or modes that you need now, and add on to the system later as your needs expand. For example, the GloMax-Multi Jr can be purchased as a Luminometer. Then Fluorescence and/or Absorbance Modules can be purchased and added later. There's no service call or downtime. With the modular design, changing technologies is as easy as snapping in a module and restarting the instrument. To learn more about the GloMax Systems, please visit: www.promega.com/products/instruments/

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