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4-1BB Effector Cells, Propagation Model


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The 4-1BB Bioassay, Propagation Model (Cat.# J2332), is a bioluminescent cell-based assay that overcomes the limitations of existing assays and can be used to measure the potency and stability of ligands or agonist antibodies that can bind and activate 4-1BB. The assay consists of a genetically engineered Jurkat T cell line that expresses human 4-1BB and a luciferase reporter driven by a response element that can respond to 4-1BB ligand/agonist antibody stimulation. The 4-1BB Effector Cells are provided in Cell Propagation Model (CPM) format, which includescryopreserved cells that can be thawed, propagated and banked for long-term use.The bioluminescent signal is detected and quantified using Bio-Glo™ Luciferase Assay System (Cat.# G7940) and a standard luminometer.

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