AbFlex® Histone H2A.XS139ph antibody (rAb)


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Antibody Type: Recombinant Isotype: IgG2a Purification: Protein A Chromatography Host: Mouse Molecular Weight: 15 kDa Reactivity: Wide Range Predicted Applications Western Blot Validated Application Notes Validated Applications: WB:0.5 – 2 µg/ml *Note: cell lysates prepared by acid extraction is recommended for western blot. Please refer to the method outlines in Active Motif Histone Extraction Kit Manual, Cat. No. 40028, section B, for the protocol we use to prepare acid extracts from cells. Immunogen This antibody was raised against a phospho-peptide corresponding to phospho-Histone H2AX (Ser139). Buffer 140 mM Hepes, pH 7.5, 70 mM NaCl, 32 mM NaOAc, 0.035% sodium azide, and 30% glycerol. AbFlex® Histone H2A.XS139ph antibody (rAb) tested by Western blot. AbFlex® AbFlex® Histone H2A.XS139ph antibody (rAb) tested by Western blot. 15 µg of HeLa cell nuclear extract was run on SDS-PAGE and probed with AbFlex® Histone H2A.XS139ph antibody at 0.5 µg/ml.

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