GenoMatrix™ Whole Genome Amplification Kit

by Active Motif
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Whole Genome Amplification without any representational bias

Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) is used to amplify an entire genome from a small amount of genomic DNA, so any gene in the organism can be studied while preserving the limited sample. The GenoMatrix™ Whole Genome Amplification Kit provides up to a 500-fold amplification starting from as little as 10 ng of any type of genomic DNA, while maintaining sequence representation of the starting material. GenoMatrix Kits provide all reagents needed to quickly and easily perform whole genome amplification. The kit was designed for high-efficiency, genome-representative amplification, and is validated for use with samples generated by ChIP-IT® Express and the MethylCollector™ & HypoMethylCollector™ Kits, which enables seamless transition into microarray analysis or other applications that require large quantities of DNA.

GenoMatrix™ Whole Genome Amplification Kit advantages

  • Achieve bias-free amplification of genomic DNA samples
  • Preserve the original sequence representation of your starting material
  • Obtain enough DNA for downstream applications
  • Quick and Simple – includes all buffers and reagents needed for whole genome amplification
  • Versatile – can be used as a stand alone product to amplify unsheared DNA, or with pre-sheared samples generated by Active Motif's ChIP-IT Express, MethylCollector and HypoMethylCollector Kits
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