Suspension Cell FACE™ Chemi

by Active Motif
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The Suspension Cell FACE module was designed to be used with any colorimetric or chemiluminescent FACE Kit; it provides you with 96-well filter plates that make it easier to perform washing & liquid handling steps through use of an appropriate vacuum manifold.

Simply substitute the filter tissue culture plates provided in Suspension Cell FACE for the standard 96-well plates supplied with FACE Kits, and use the Suspension Cell Blocking Buffer in place of the Antibody Blocking Buffer. In addition, fluorescent Hoechst stain is included for normalizing results, as the Crystal Violet stain included in FACE Kits stains the filters of the 96-well filter plates.

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Suspension Cell FACE™ 2 x 96 rxns 48305 $175 Buy Now
Suspension Cell FACE™ Chemi 2 x 96 rxns 48405 $175 Buy Now

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