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Fast Activated Cell-based ELISA (FACE™) Kits provide a simple, sensitive method for detecting protein phosphorylation directly in the cell, without making extracts or performing electrophoresis and membrane blotting. These 96-well, high-throughput assays are available in both colorimetric and chemiluminescent formats for over 20 different targets (see list at right). For complete details, click the FACE™ Method tab below.

FACE Maker Kits provide all the optimized buffers of our target-specific FACE Kits, but they do not include antibodies. So, you are able to study any phosphorylated protein you want with your own antibodies while taking advantage of the optimized FACE method and the proven FACE reagents.

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The FACE™ Method

In FACE, cells are cultured in 96-well plates and stimulated to induce the pathway of intere

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