TransAM® ATF-2

by Active Motif
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TransAM® Kits are DNA-binding ELISAs that facilitate the study of transcription factor activation in mammalian tissue and cell extracts. Assays are available for over 40 different targets (see the list at right). Each kit includes a 96-stripwell plate in which multiple copies of a specific double-stranded oligonucleotide have been immobilized. When nuclear or whole-cell extract is added, activated transcription factor of interest binds the oligonucleotide at its consensus binding site and is quantified using the included antibody, which is specific for the bound, active form of the transcription factor being studied. For complete details, click the TransAM® Method tab below.

TransAM® ATF-2 Transcription Factor ELISA Kits

TransAM ATF-2 Kits provide everything needed to study Activating Transcription Factor 2 (ATF-2) phosphorylated at threonine 71, including a positive control extract. The kit can be used with human extracts. Reactivity with other species has not been determined. Because of ATF-2's regulation by MAPK, we also offer the TransAM MAPK Family Kit for studying the MAPK regulated transcription factors ATF-2, c-Jun, c-Myc, MEF2 and STAT1?. See the ATF Info tab below for kit data and more information; the kit manual can be downloaded under the Documents tab.

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TransAM® ATF-2 5 x 96 rxns 42896 $2,795 Buy Now

ATF-2 Transcription Factor Info

ATF-2 (activating transcription factor 2, also known as CREB2 or cAMP responsive element binding protein 2) is a member of the ATF/CREB transcription factor family that binds to the cAMP response element (CRE). ATF-2 belongs to a leucine zipper family of DNA binding proteins and forms homodimers or heterodimers with c-Jun to stimulate CRE-dependent transcription. ATF-2 is activated by three MAPK pathways, ERK1/2, JNK and p38. Phosphorylation of Thr71 by MAPK14 or JNK increases transcriptional activity. TransAM ATF-2 Kits contain an antibody specific for the phosphorylated form of ATF-2 (Thr71) when bound to its target DNA.

Active Motif also offers our FACE™ In-cell Western Phospho ELISAs for quantifying and comparing the phosphorylated and total amounts of ERK1/2, JNK and p38 proteins.

The TransAM ATF-2 Kit was used to test increasing amounts of nuclear extract from unstimulated HeLa and HL-60 cells for activated AML-1/Runx1
Figure 1: Monitoring ATF-2 activation with the TransAM ATF-2 Kit.

Increasing amounts of nuclear extract from unstimulated HeLa and Anisomycin-stimulated HeLa cells are tested for ATF-2 activation using the TransAM ATF-2 Kit.

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