p73 antibody (mAb)

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for p73 antibody (mAb) (Clone 5B429)Application Notes

Validated Applications:
WB: 1:500 dilution

For optimal results, primary antibody incubations should be performed at room temperature. The addition of 0.1% Tween 20 to all Blotto solutions may also reduce background. Individual optimization may be required.

for p73 antibody (mAb) (Clone 5B429)Immunogen

This p73 antibody was raised against a full-length protein corresponding to human p73. This p73 antibody reacts with an epitope that is located on the N-terminal region of human p73 and does not cross react with p53. The p73 protein may run at 63 kDa in some cell lines due to post-transcriptional modifications.

for p73 antibody (mAb) (Clone 5B429)Buffer

PBS containing 0.02% sodium azide. Sodium azide is highly toxic.

for p73 antibody (mAb) (Clone 5B429)References

p73 antibody (mAb) tested by Western blot.

p73 mAb tested by Western blot.
p73 monoclonal antibody used at a 1:500 dilution against 10 µg of transfected cell lysate.

for p73 antibody (mAb) (Clone 5B429)Background

p73 is a p53-related tumor protein, with some structural resemblance to p53, and is therefore considered a tumor-suppressor protein. p73 has numerous isoforms arising from alternative splicing, resulting in 6 different C-termini. Overexpression of p73 promotes growth arrest and/or apoptosis in a manner similar to that seen with p53.

for p73 antibody (mAb) (Clone 5B429)Positive Control

Extracts from cells transfected with p73 can be used as a positive control for p73 antibody.

for p73 antibody (mAb) (Clone 5B429)Storage

Some products may be shipped at room temperature. This will not affect their stability or performance. Upon receipt, unconjugated antibodies may be stored at -20°C for up to 2 years. Fluorophore- & enzyme-conjugated antibodies should be stored at 4°C. Fluorophore-conjugated antibodies should be protected from light. Keep reagents on ice when not in storage; to avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles, we recommend aliquoting items that will be stored frozen into single-use fractions prior to freezing.

for p73 antibody (mAb) (Clone 5B429)Guarantee

This product is guaranteed for 6 months from date of receipt.

This product is for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Application Key

  • ChIP = Chromatin Immunoprecipitation;
  • DB = Dot Blot;
  • ELISA = Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay;
  • EMSA = Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay
  • FC = Flow Cytometry;
  • ICC = Immunocytochemistry;
  • IF = Immunofluorescence;
  • IHC = Immunohistochemistry;
  • IP = Immunoprecipitation;
  • MeDIP = Methyl-DNA Immunoprecipitation;
  • TR-FRET = Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer;
  • WB = Western Blotting

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