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LightSwitch™ miRNA Target Reporter

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The LightSwitch™ Synthetic miRNA Target Reporter Collection is ideal for performing miRNA target validation, as well as assessing the functional impact of of miRNA-3´UTR interactions. In contrast to the over 12K cloned endogenous 3´UTR constructs that make up the LightSwitch 3´UTR Reporter GoClone Collection, LightSwitch™ Synthetic miRNA Target Reporter constructs contain repeats of known 3´UTR sequences that have been optimized for increased miRNA binding. This enables them to provide stronger responses than the native, endogenous sequences. Thus, they are well suited for use as biosensors or positive controls in miRNA target validation experiments. They can also be used to help determine the levels of natural miRNA expression in your cell line and to screen for which cell lines will work best for your miRNA experiments (see Data tab). These transfection-ready miRNA biosensors together with the highly optimized assay reagents, transfection reagents, controls, miRNA Mimics and Inhibitors and detailed protocols allows you to perform your gene regulation reporter assay experiments immediately.

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  • Validate miRNA Targets – Use as a positive control in miRNA target validation studies.
  • Measure miRNA Levels – Use as a biosensor to measure relative levels of endogenous miRNA in your cell line.
  • Pre-screen Cell Lines – Use to determine which cell lines will be most appropriate for experiments involving the specific miRNA mimics or inhibitors you wish to study.

Note: All LightSwitch constructs MUST be used with the LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagents to obtain optimal results with our novel RenSP luciferase. We also recommend that you include appropriate positive & negative control vectors when you perform your assays.


The LightSwitch Synthetic miRNA Target Reporter Collection includes over 900 constructs that contain optimized synthetic targets consisting of sequence repeats that are fully complementary to a variety of human