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AbFlex¨ BRD4 antibody (rAb)

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Active Motif's AbFlex antibodies are recombinant antibodies (rAbs) that have been generated using expression of defined DNA sequences in a mammalian cell line. This engineered method of antibody production yields highly specific antibodies as the exact sequence can be refined through testing. It also ensures consistent performance and a reliable, long-term supply, as there is no variation when new lots are produced.

In addition, this approach enables flexible labeling and purification options, as each AbFlex antibody contains a Sortase recognition motif (LPXTG) so you can covalently add fluorophores, enzymatic substrates (HRP, AP...etc), peptides, DNA, drugs or other labels to the antibody in a directed and reproducible manner using our Sortag-IT Labeling Kits. Every antibody also contains a 6xHis tag, which can be used with nickel-based purification systems, and an avidin tag sequence for enzymatic biotin conjugation using the biotin ligase, BirA.

BRD4 (Bromodomain-containing protein 4, aka HUNK1) is a chromatin-associated protein with two bromo domains that binds acetylated histone H3 and H4. BRD4 is homologous to Xenopus MCAP, and like MCAP, BRD4 associates with chromosomes during mitosis, predominantly in the non-centromeric regions. A chromosomal aberration involving BRD4 (producing a BRD4-NUT fusion protein) is found in a rare, aggressive, and lethal carcinoma arising in midline organs of young people. BRD4 is involved in the expression of extracellular matrix gene expression, and its misregulation may be involved in breast cancer progression.

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