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ADP-Glo Kinase Assay + DNA-PK Kinase Enzyme System

by Promega
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Native human DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase (DNA-PK) purified from HeLa cells. DNA-PK consists of an approximately 460kDa catalytic subunit and a heterodimeric DNA-binding subunit (Ku) containing an 85kDa and an 70kDa peptide (1). The gene sequence can be found at accession number NM_006904. ADP-Glo Kinase Assay is a luminescent kinase assay that measures ADP formed from a kinase reaction; ADP is converted into ATP, which is a substrate in a reaction catalyzed by Ultra-Glo Luciferase that produces light. The luminescent signal positively correlates with ADP amount and kinase activity. The assay is well suited for measuring the effects chemical compounds have on the activity of a broad range of purified kinases, making it ideal for both primary screening as well as kinase selectivity profiling. The ADP-Glo Kinase Assay can be used to monitor the activity of virtually any ADP-generating enzyme (e.g., kinase or ATPase) using up to 1mM ATP. Kinase Enzyme System contains: Kinase: DNA-PK, 2,500 units (Human, native full-length). MW: ~460kDa (catalytic subunit); ~85kDa (Ku subunit 1); ~70kDa (Ku subunit 2). Substrate: DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase Peptide Substrate (EPPLSQEAFADLWKK). Other: Reaction Buffer, DNA-PK Activation Buffer, DTT. DNA-PK NCBI Database Entry: Visit to see all Kinase Enzyme Systems.


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