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Antibiotic G-418 Sulfate Solution

Antibiotic G-418 Sulfate is an aminoglycosidic antibiotic toxic to both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. It acts by interfering with protein synthesis and is used as an agent for selection of cultured cells expressing a gene (i.e., aminoglycoside 3' phosphotransferase [APH 3']) that confers resistance to G-418. The liquid form of the product is in distilled water and aseptically filtered. Formula Weight: 692.6 (anhydrous). Form: White powder. Physical/Chemical Properties of Powder: Appearance: White powder. TLC: Single major spot. Elemental Analysis: %C = 28.8-36.07; %H = 5.76-7.76; %N = 6.72-8.41. Absorbance: A280 (1mg/ml) = 0-0.015; A570 (100mg/ml) = 0-0.1. Specific Rotation: +104 to +121. Properties Specific to V7983: Appearance: White powder. Hydration Waters: 0-6, as determined from Elemental Analysis. Potency: >500microg/mg. Properties Specific to V8091: Potency: 40-60mg/ml. Sterility: Aseptically filtered.

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