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AXL-NanoLuc Fusion Vector

The NanoLuc Kinase Fusion Vectors contains the coding region of the indicated human kinase fused to either the C- or the N-terminus of NanoLuc luciferase. The vectors are designed for use with the NanoBRET Target Engagement (TE) Intracellular Kinase Assay, either K-4 or K-5, as indicated, where the plasmid can be transfected into various cell lines to enable kinase target engagement analysis.The NanoLuc luciferase kinase fusion vectors are supplied transfection-ready for introduction into a variety of cell lines. The CMV promoter drives the expression of the full-length NanoLuc kinase fusion protein. The placement of NanoLuc either 5’ or 3’ of the kinase gene is optimized for NanoBRET TE Kinase Assays. This orientation is reflected in the vector name. For example, NanoLuc-kinase implies NanoLuc is 5’ to the kinase gene (at the N-terminus of the kinase). Similarly, kinase-NanoLuc implies NanoLuc is 3’ to the kinase gene (at the C-terminus of the kinase).

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