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DNA IQ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell 16


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Promega forensic products are manufactured in alignment with the ISO 18385 standard. This standard ensures minimal risk of human DNA contamination for products used to collect, store and analyze biological materials for forensic purposes. Learn more at: www.promega.com/products/genetic-identity/forensic-grade-faq/. The DNA IQ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell 16 includes newly designed plungers and optimized preprocessing, which results in improved DNA yields. The DNA IQ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell 16 is designed for optimal DNA extraction from forensic casework samples. These samples may include blood stains, semen stains, hairs, cigarette butts, tissue samples, and trace or touch DNA samples regularly encountered in forensic DNA analysis. The kit contains the same trusted reagents used in the DNA IQ System in a convenient, prefilled cartridge format and is optimized to provide a final DNA extract in a concentrated format. The DNA IQ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell 16 uses a plastic cartridge and plunger that allow DNA elution in a final volume of no more than 50ul. DNA IQ Lysis Buffer, Resin and Wash Buffer are included in the prefilled cartridge, and DNA IQ Elution Buffer is included in the kit to ensure proper storage of the DNA. The Casework Extraction Kit improves DNA extraction efficiency from a broad panel of sample types and is used for preprocessing samples before DNA extraction with the DNA IQ Casework Pro Kit for Maxwell 16. The DNA IQ Reference Sample Kit for Maxwell 16 is designed specifically for optimal DNA extraction from buccal swabs, FTA blood card punches, liquid blood or other high-concentration DNA reference samples. These samples are typically encountered in forensic, convicted-offender database and paternity testing. The kit contains the same trusted reagents used in the DNA IQ System in a convenient prepackaged format and is optimized to yield a final DNA concentration that minimizes the need for concentration or dilution prior to amplification. Liquefied samples are placed directly into the cartridges, and genomic DNA ready for amplification is obtained in approximately 20 minutes. The DNA IQ Casework Pro and DNA IQ Reference Sample Kits are compatible with the Maxwell 16 Forensic Instrument, which includes the hardware necessary to use these kit. The Maxwell 16 Instrument allows efficient, automated DNA purification from a wide range of sample types. The instrument is preprogrammed with purification protocols that, when combined with prefilled reagent cartridges, maximize simplicity and convenience. The instrument processes up to 16 samples per instrument run. The purified DNA is of high quality and at high yield and concentration, suitable for direct use in a variety of downstream applications. The Maxwell 16 Instrument, a magnetic-particle-handling device, purifies DNA using paramagnetic particles, allowing optimal capture, washing and elution of the target material. The Maxwell 16 Instrument includes a one-year basic warranty. Several products are offered to extend the warranty. If during the extended warranty period the instrument needs repair under normal use, Promega will be responsible for the repair. Premium warranties offer similar terms and the use of a temporary replacement instrument during the instrument repair period. Please contact Promega for complete warranty terms and limits. Find out more at: www.promega.com/maxwell16/

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