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FluoroTect GreenLys in vitro Translation Labeling System

by Promega
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The FluoroTect Green(Lys) in vitro Translation Labeling System allows for the fluorescent labeling and detection of proteins synthesized in vitro. The system is based on a lysine-charged tRNA that is labeled at the epsilon position of the lysine with the fluorophore BODIPY-FL. Fluorescent lysine residues will be incorporated into synthesized proteins during in vitro translation reactions, eliminating the need for radioactivity. Detection of the labeled proteins is accomplished in 2-5 minutes directly in-gel by use of a laser-based fluorescent gel scanner. This eliminates any requirements for protein gel manipulation such as fixing/drying or any safety, regulatory and waste disposal issues associated with the use of radioactively labeled amino acids use. The convenience of in-gel detection also avoids the time-consuming electroblotting and detection steps of conventional non-isotopic systems.


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