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GloMax 20/20 Luminometer

The GloMax 20/20 Luminometer combines instrumentation and software in a complete solution that includes bioluminescent assays, protocols and support. The GloMax 20/20 Luminometer is an ultrasensitive, versatile and affordable luminometer designed for use with any Promega bioluminescent assay. The touch screen interface provides comprehensive instrument control and data collection. Optional modules for fluorescence detection provide additional flexibility. The option of an intelligently designed internal auto-injection system is an added convenience and meets the demands of the Dual-Luciferase Assay. Software setup wizards guide the user through a brief process when establishing new protocols. New users can set up protocols and operate the instrument without a steep learning curve. Promega protocols are preloaded in the software to help users get started. The user can quickly select the protocol of interest and begin running assays directly to an Excel spreadsheet, where data can be analyzed quickly and easily. To learn more about the GloMax Systems, please visit:

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