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Goat Anti-Human Biotinylated IgG


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High Capacity Magne Streptavidin Beads are magnetic affinity beads with high specificity and high capacity for binding biotinylated antibodies and proteins. The magnetic beads are composed of iron encapsulated by macroporous cellulose, resulting in low nonspecific binding and making them ideal for use with complex biological samples. The beads also have excellent magnetic properties for rapid and efficient capture using a variety of magnetic stands. The affinity of biotin for streptavidin (Kd = 10[-15]) is one of the strongest and most stable interactions in biology; hence, the biotin-streptavidin interaction cannot be reversed under non-denaturing conditions. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of beads for applications in which the biotinylated molecules need to be recovered from the beads. High Capacity Magne Streptavidin Beads are well suited for pharmacokinetics studies of therapeutic antibodies during preclinical studies. For example, biotinylated anti-human IgG bound to the High Capacity Magne Streptavidin Beads can be used for enrichment of Human IgG from serum or plasma samples of non-primate animals and analyzed using mass spectrometry. The high capacity of the beads enables enrichment of antibodies over a wide concentration range using small amount of beads. Enrichment can be automated for high throughput and scaled up to handle various sample volumes. Goat Anti-Human Biotinylated IgG is provided at a concentration of 0.5mg/ml in phosphate-buffered saline (pH 7.4) with 0.1% sodium azide.

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