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GoTaq Hot Start Colorless Master Mix

by Promega
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GoTaq Hot Start Master Mixes are premixed, ready-to-use solutions containing GoTaq Hot Start Polymerase, magnesium, dNTPs and buffer. Reactions can be set up in less than a minute at room temperature; simply add your template, water and primers. GoTaq Hot Start Hot Start Polymerase contains the high-performance GoTaq DNA Polymerase bound to a proprietary antibody that blocks polymerase activity. The polymerase activity is restored during the initial denaturation step when the amplification reactions are heated at 94-95 degrees C for two minutes. This enables hot-start PCR, where polymerase activity is eliminated or minimized at temperatures below 70 degrees C. GoTaq Hot Start Polymerase exhibits 5' --> 3' exonuclease activity. The master mixes are available in green or colorless formats. The green master mix contain a compound that increases sample density so that samples sink easily into wells of an agarose gel as well as two dyes (yellow and blue) that separate to allow easy monitoring during electrophoresis. Use the green master mix for direct-to-gel analysis after amplification and the colorless master mix for amplifications where the dyes may interfere with post-amplification analysis such as fluorescence or absorbance testing. GoTaq Hot Start Master Mixes offer the specificity and sensitivity of an antibody-based hot-start polymerase in a convenient, easy-to-use, time-saving format.


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