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HaloLink Resin

by Promega
€ 376.68

The HaloLink Resin provides a method for covalent and oriented attachment of HaloTag fusion proteins onto a solid surface. The resin consists of a HaloTag ligand bound to Sepharose beads that specifically and rapidly binds HaloTag fusion proteins. HaloLink Resin has high binding capacity. Due to covalent linkage, HaloTag fusion proteins cannot be eluted from the resin, allowing extensive washing to remove nonspecifically bound protein without the danger of eluting HaloTag fusion proteins. The binding rate is very rapid and equivalent to biotin-streptavidin. The HaloLink Resin can be used in a variety of applications including: detection and analysis of protein:protein interactions (in vivo and in vitro), detection of enzymatic activity of immobilized HaloTag fusions and one-step purification of fusion protein in conjunction with proteolytic cleavage. A variety of vectors for the expression of HaloTag fusion proteins in bacterial, mammalian or cell-free systems are available. Please see the HaloTag Technology Products page for more information.