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HaloTag Flexi Vectors-CMV Deletion Series Sample Pack

The HaloTag Flexi Vectors—CMV Deletion Series Sample Pack is available as a standalone product or as part of the HaloTag Cloning Starter Kit (Cat.# G6050). The vectors contained in the sample pack are configured to append the HaloTag protein to either the carboxy- (pFC14K, pFC15K, pFC16K and pFC17K vectors) or amino-terminus (pFN21A, pFN21K, pFN22K, pFN23K and pFN24K vectors) of the protein fusion partner and provide constitutive protein expression in mammalian cells. The promoter in this vector series is based on the human cytomegalovirus (CMV) intermediate/early enhancer/promoter to support expression in mammalian cells at physiologically relevant levels. In some cell types, the vector series can provide four levels of expression, ranging from very high (full-length CMV) to very low (CMVd3, the most extreme deletion), spaced about 0.5 to 1 orders of magnitude apart. Each vector contains the following features: 1) A T7 RNA polymerase promoter for in vitro HaloTag fusion protein expression. All vectors but pFC14K, pFN21K and pFN21A also have the SP6 RNA polymerase promoter for in vitro expression. 2) A TEV protease site for cleavage of the expressed protein from HaloTag using ProTEV Protease (Cat.# V6051). 3) The lethal barnase gene for positive selection of the insert. 4) Either an ampicillin-resistance gene (pFN21A) or kanamycin-resistance gene for selection of the plasmid.

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