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HaloTag Mammalian Protein Purification System

by Promega
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The HaloTag Mammalian Protein Purification System (Cat.# G6790) is an optimized kit for purification of HaloTag fusion proteins from mammalian cell culture lysates. HaloTag is a protein fusion tag engineered to form a highly specific and covalent bond with the HaloLink Resin. The covalent binding coupled with the low nonspecific binding of the HaloLink Resin provides superior purity and recovery of recombinant proteins from cultured mammalian cells, even at low expression levels. The HaloTag Mammalian Protein Detection and Purification System (Cat.# G6795) also includes HaloTag TMRDirect Ligand. The simple-to-use fluorescent detection of the HaloTag fusion facilitates rapid optimization of expression and purification conditions.


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