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HB101 Competent Cells, >10(8)cfu/ug

by Promega
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HB101 cells are recA-, which minimizes recombination events, and contain a restriction-minus background (hsdS20) that allows better representation when cloning methylated DNA. HB101 Competent Cells are suitable for vectors that do not require alpha-complementation for blue/white screening. For researchers doing more than one transformation, competent cells are available in standard format (200ul aliquots). For added convenience, single-use competent cells (50ul aliquots) also are offered. HB101 Competent Cells are prepared according to a modified procedure of Hanahan. HB101 Genotype: F-, thi-1, hsdS20 (r(B)-, m(B)-), supE44, recA13, ara-14, leuB6, proA2, lacY1, galK2, rpsL20 (str(r)), xyl-5, mtl-1.


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