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Histone H3K14bz antibody (pAb), sample

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Western Blot Validated Dot Blot Validated
Application Notes
Applications Validated by Active Motif:
WB: 1:500 - 112,000 dilution
DB: 1:1000 dilution

This antibody was raised against a peptide including benzyol- lysine 14 of human histone H3.

70 mM Tris, 105 mM NaCl, 0.07 mM EDTA, 31 mM glycine, 0.035% sodium azide, 0.35 mg/mL BSA, and 30% glycerol.

Histone H3K14bz antibody (pAb) tested by Western blot.
Histone H3K14bz antibody (pAb) tested by Western blot.
20 µg of HeLa nuclear extract was run on SDS-PAGE and probed with antibody at 1:500 dilution. Lane 1: untreated cells. Lane 2: cells treated with Sodium Benzoate.

Histone H3K14bz antibody (pAb) tested by dot blot analysis.
Specificity Analysis of Histone H3K14bz antibody (pAb):
Dot blot analysis was used to confirm the specificity of the antibody (pAb) for benzoylated (bz) lysine14 of histone H3. Peptides corresponding to regions around major sites of histone H3 methylation were spotted onto nitrocellulose and probed with the antibody at a dilution of 1:1,000. The amount of peptide (picomoles) spotted is indicated next to each row. Columns spotted as follows: 1: H3K23 unmod. 2: H3K23bz. 3: H4K8 unmod 4: H3K8bz. 5: H3K12 unmod. 6: H3K12bz. 7: H3K14 unmod. 8: H3K14bz. 9: H2AK9 unmod. 10: H2AK9bz.


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