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Immobilized Trypsin

by Promega
€ 252.83

Immobilized Trypsin provides a fast and convenient method for digesting a range of concentrations of purified protein or complex protein mixtures. Digested peptides are easily separated from the Immobilized Trypsin as they flow through the spin column into the collection tube. Immobilized Trypsin is easily removed from the peptide solution because the trypsin does not pass though the column frit. Trypsin is a proteolytic enzyme, which cleaves at the carboxyl side of positively charged Lysine (Lys) and Arginine (Arg). When these amino acids are followed by the nonpolar Proline (Pro), the digestion of the site is not efficient. When Lys and Arg are followed by acids [Aspartic Acid (Asp) and Glutamic Acid (Glu)] the digestion is also not as efficient.