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InCELLect AKAP St-Ht31 Inhibitor Peptide

by Promega
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InCELLect AKAP St-Ht31 Inhibitor Peptide is a stearated (St) form of the peptide Ht-31 derived from the human thyroid AKAP (A-kinase anchoring protein). This peptide has been shown to inhibit the interaction between the RII subunits of cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase (PKA) and AKAP in cell extracts. The presence of the hydrophobic stearated moiety enhances the cellular uptake of the peptide through the lipophilic microenvironment of the plasma membrane. InCELLect St-Ht31P Control Peptide, which has a very similar sequence but does not inhibit the interaction between protein kinase A and AKAP, has been used as a control peptide for studies with InCELLect AKAP St-Ht31 Inhibitor Peptide.


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