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Kinase Selectivity Profiling System: TK-4

by Promega
€ 544.65

The Kinase Selectivity Profiling Systems are easy-to-use kits for performing kinase selectivity profiling that rely on the ADP-Glo Kinase Assay technology. Each system includes kinase and substrate pairs organized in an easy-to-use 8-tube strip format optimized for fast and simple kinase profiling reactions. Kinase Selectivity Profiling Systems offer kinases grouped either in single kinase family strips or as a general panel of kinases representative of the human kinome for a broad kinase profile. Each profiling system contains the reagents needed to complete a profile for a compound, including kinase reaction buffer, eight kinases in each multiwell strip and eight corresponding substrates and cofactors in another multiwell strip. The General Panel contains 24 kinases arranged in three 8-well strips. If you do not see a kinase selectivity profiling system that meets your experimental needs, you can design your own custom system using the custom kinase selectivity profiling system tool (