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LightSwitch™ miRNA Mimic

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are important post-transcriptional regulators that are thought to repress expression by targeting the 3'UTR of mRNA transcripts. The interaction of a miRNA with a 3'UTR results in either the degradation of the target transcript or inhibition of translation. Active Motif offers large collections of miRNA Mimics and miRNA Inhibitors. The Mimics are transfected into cells to study the effects of over-expression of a miRNA of interest. In contrast, LightSwitch miRNA Inhibitors are used to knock down the expression of endogenous human miRNAs in living cells. The miRNA Mimics and Inhibitors are ideal for use with Active Motif's LightSwitch 3'UTR GoClone Collection of over 12,000 3'UTR sequences that have been cloned from the human genome into the LightSwitch Luciferase Reporter vector. With LightSwitch Clones, Mimics and Inhibitors, you have everything needed to study miRNA-3'UTR interactions, validate miRNA targets, measure RNA stability, translation efficiency and the functional impact of miRNAs on a gene-by-gene basis. Please visit the Active Motif website to search for clones that contain your gene of interest's 3'UTR sequence, as well as Mimics and Inhibitors that have been shown to interact with the 3'UTR sequence.

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