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Lumit™ Glucagon Immunoassay

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The Lumit™ Glucagon Immunoassay is a homogeneous, bioluminescent assay for detecting glucagon in solution without the need for wash steps. This immunoassay was developed for use with cell culture samples to measure glucagon secreted from cell lines or islets.

Glucagon is a small peptide hormone that functions alongside insulin to maintain glucose homeostasis. It is synthesized and processed primarily by alpha cells in pancreatic islets, as well as by intestinal and neuronal cells. Glucagon raises glucose levels in the blood stream by acting on the liver to induce gluconeogenesis and reduce glycogen synthesis. Understanding glucagon biology is of great interest to diabetes researchers, as well as those studying other metabolic diseases.

Assay principle: Primary monoclonal antibodies to glucagon are labeled with SmBiT and LgBiT. In the presence of the glucagon analyte, SmBiT and LgBiT are brought into proximity, forming the NanoBiT® enzyme. When Lumit™ Detection Reagent B is added, a bright luminescent signal is generated in proportion to the amount of glucagon present.

Lumit™ assays are a fast, easy and scalable alternative to ELISAs for glucagon detection.

High-throughput users:

For metabolic disease researchers who need to process hundreds of glucagon samples,
Promega Lumit™ Glucagon Immunoassay is a no-wash assay scalable to 384-well plates and complete in just 70 minutes, so you can process more samples and get data faster.
Unlike other homogeneous methods, Lumit™ assays can be read on a standard plate reader, so no expensive instrumentation or special plates are required.

Low-throughput users:

For metabolic disease researchers who need to an alternative to time-consuming ELISAs,
Promega Lumit™ Glucagon Immunoassay is a no-wash bioluminescent immunoassay that takes just 70 minutes and can be analyzed using a standard plate reader.
Unlike competing ELISA methods, we streamline your workflow so you have time to take your whole lunch break.

Features and Benefits:

  • No wash steps required; simple add-mix-measure protocol: Saves time and resources in the lab, no need to use plate washer instrument, less opportunity for error with fewer hands-on steps, faster time to result means you get data sooner
  • Sensitivity: Measure secretion from fewer islets, which are labor-intensive to isolate
  • Scalable: Saves time and resources in the lab by running more samples per experiment, assay more timepoints to capture the dynamic nature of hormone secretion
  • No specialized instrumentation required: Saves money on equipment purchase
  • Validated assays for high-value target: Saves time (weeks to months) of developing an assay

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