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MagneGST Glutathione Particles

by Promega
€ 133.33

MagneGST Glutathione Particles are glutathione-conjugated paramagnetic particles used for isolation of GST-fusion proteins directly from crude cell lysate. The use of paramagnetic particles eliminates several centrifugation steps and minimizes the loss of sample material. MagneGST Glutathione Particles are a component of the MagneGST Protein Purification System (Promega Cat.# V8600 and V8603).MagneGST Glutathione Particles are compatible with a variety of common buffers and are suitable for use with culture volumes from 1-50ml. One milliliter of settled particles will bind 5-10mg of GST protein (1ml of settled particles corresponds to 4ml of the 25% slurry supplied).Note: This product requires the use of a magnetic stand.