Maxwell® HT Fecal Microbiome DNA Kit

Background: Fecal microbiome characterization is a rapidly evolving field based on continued development of downstream assays. Complex analyses such as next-generation sequencing can enhance data quality by measuring the abundance of various bacterial species. In recent years, the microbiome has been implicated in many different disease states from mental health to responsiveness to anti-tumor treatments (immune checkpoint inhibition specifically). With increasing utility comes a need to process increasing numbers of samples. Many extraction methods for fecal microbiome DNA involve several manual processing steps and mechanical disruption.

The Maxwell® HT Fecal Microbiome DNA Kit provides all the required consumables and reagents necessary to perform up to 384 extractions of DNA from feces with minimal hands-on time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automated extraction reduces user hands-on processing time: Removes tedious manual processing, reducing errors and freeing staff for other activities. Simplifies sample tracking.
  • Extract DNA from microbiome samples in less than 3 hours: Increased throughput lets lab keep up with demand.
  • Expert onsite support is included with purchase: Allows rapid adoption of high-throughput extraction chemistries without the need to program laboratory automation.
  • Provides high-yield, pure and amplifiable DNA: Reduces sample reruns and loss of precious samples.
  • Eluates ready for targeted or whole-genome sequencing: No further purification or concentration necessary.

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