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MethylCollector™ MBD Capture Kit

Active Motif’s MethylCollector™ MBD Capture Kit provides an efficient method for isolating CpG-methylated DNA from limited amounts of cell or tissue samples.

MethylCollector has many powerful applications including enabling researchers to rapidly screen the methylation status of multiple loci and may be particularly useful for analyzing the methylation levels of candidate genes in tumor tissue or cells. It can also be used to detect changes in DNA methylation in other situations, including normal cellular differentiation and aging.

In the MethylCollector MBD Capture Kit, His-tagged recombinant MBD2b protein specifically binds CpG-methylated DNA fragments that have been prepared by enzymatic digestion or sonication. These protein-DNA complexes are captured with nickel-coated magnetic beads and subsequent wash steps are performed to remove fragments with little or no methylation. The methylated DNA is then eluted from the beads in the presence of Proteinase K. Due to the high efficiency of the MethylCollector MBD Capture protocol and the enormous amplification capability and specificity of PCR, analysis of the methylation status of a specific genomic DNA locus can be performed on DNA isolated from less than 170 cells cells (~1 ng DNA).

The MethylCollector MBD Capture Kit is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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