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MS Compatible Human Protein Extract, Intact

The mass spectrometry-compatible yeast and human protein extracts are designed specifically for mass spectrometry applications (i.e., instrument monitoring). The extracts are predigested and cleaned up by solid-phase extraction for immediate use in liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) analysis. Both the yeast and human extracts also are available in an intact undigested form to provide a test material for optimizing mass spec protein sample preparation. The yeast extracts are beneficial for users who prefer working with a relatively compact and well studied proteome, whereas the human extract provides opportunity for working with a complex proteome having a large dynamic range. Consistent extract protein composition is ensured by tight control over cell culture conditions and manufacturing process. Lot-to-lot consistency of extracts is monitored by various protein and peptide qualitative and quantitation methods, including LC/MS and amino acid analysis. Our manufacturing process assures compatibility with reverse phase liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry by monitoring nonspecific protein fragmentation, nonbiological post-translational modifications and, for digested extracts, minimal undigested peptides.

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