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NanoBRET cMyc/MAX Interaction Assay

NanoBRET Transcriptional Protein Assays are sensitive, reproducible live-cell assays designed for monitoring or screening the interaction of proteins involved in transcriptional regulation. Interactions between proteins are key events in the regulation of gene expression with protein homodimers and heterodimers interacting on DNA elements to regulate transcriptional events required for a variety of cellular responses. The NanoBRET cMyc/MAX Interaction Assay measures the specific interaction between the human cMyc and MAX transcription factors within their natural cellular context. The cMyc/MAX heterodimer regulates transcription related to cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis, making it an important candidate for drug targeting. NanoBRET assay technology is dependent upon energy transfer from a luminescent donor (NanoLuc luciferase) to a fluorescent acceptor (HaloTag NanoBRET 618 Ligand). NanoLuc luciferase and HaloTag protein are fused to the target proteins of interest and fusion proteins expressed at low cellular levels enabling monitoring and screening studies of protein interactions that reflect true cellular physiology. The NanoBRET assay is fully reversible, enabling studies of both induction and inhibition of protein interactions. For more details on NanoBRET Technology and a full list of available NanoBRET Transcriptional Protein Assays visit the NanoBRET Technology for Protein Interactions page.

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