NanoLuc Labeling Kit


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The NanoLuc Labeling System is based on NanoLuc luciferase, which is a small (19.1kDa), stable reporter enzyme that generates a bright luminescence signal. Using the NanoLuc Labeling System, antibodies are chemically labeled with NanoLuc to be used in direct, competition and indirect immunoassays. HaloTag technology is used to label antibodies with NanoLuc. HaloTag is a fusion protein that covalently binds its ligand (HaloTag Ligand) under physiological conditions and has been used in a variety of applications, including antibody labeling. Labeling is a two-step process in which amine-reactive HaloTag Succinimidyl Ester (O4) Ligand (509Da) reacts with primary amines of lysine amino acids on the antibodies. For this reaction, antibodies should be in an amine-free buffer without any protein preservative.

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