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PCR Optimization Kit

The PCR Optimization Kit contains a portfolio of preformulated, high-quality buffers (A-H) that together cover a spectrum of PCR performance capabilities for endpoint, multiplex, real-time, GC-rich and inhibitor-resistant amplifications. The kit also contains a tube of 25mM MgCl2 solution and GoTaq MDx Hot Start Polymerase, providing you a kit of reagents to perform a series of short experiments to quickly survey which combination of PCR buffer, MgCl2 and enzyme concentration will yield optimal PCR performance specific for your assay. Once you identify your optimal PCR formulation, continue your work with a Made-To-Order 2X PCR Master Mix (www.promega.com/made-to-order) or purchase the stand-alone buffer with MgCl2 and GoTaq MDx Hot Start Polymerase.

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