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pF3A WG (BYDV) Flexi Vector

The Flexi Vector System is a simple, yet powerful, directional cloning method for protein-coding sequences. It is based on two rare-cutting restriction enzymes, SgfI and PmeI, and provides a rapid, efficient and high-fidelity way to transfer protein-coding regions between a variety of Flexi Vectors without the need to resequence. The vectors are designed with special sequences for maximal cell-free protein expression in a specific system. The pF3A/K WG vectors were designed for use with Wheat Germ extracts and contain sequences from the barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), an RNA plant virus, upstream and downstream of the protein coding region of interest. The BYDV elements interact with each other, form a closed loop and act synergistically to stimulate translation in wheat germ extracts, bypassing mRNA cap and polyadenylation dependencies. Note: Flexi Vectors contain the lethal barnase gene to reduce background colonies without inserts during the subcloning procedure. Using the Flexi Vector Cloning System replaces the barnase gene with your insert. These vectors, as purchased, cannot be cultured in normal laboratory strains of E. coli without an insert.

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