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pFN31A Nluc CMV-Hygro Flexi Vector

The small size (19.1kDa) and extreme brightness (about 100-fold brighter than either firefly [Photinus pyralis] or Renilla reniformis) of NanoLuc luciferase (Nluc) make it an ideal protein fusion partner. NanoLuc fusion proteins can be used in a variety of applications including: reporters of protein stability, probes for bioluminescent cell imaging (BLI) or as the donor signal in bioluminescent resonance energy transfer (BRET) applications for protein:protein or protein:small-molecule interaction studies. The NanoLuc protein fusion vectors enable simple generation of N- or C-terminal fusions of NanoLuc luciferase with your protein of interest and are available. The pF Vector series generates N- or C-terminal Nluc fusion proteins using the Flexi Vector Cloning System—a directional cloning method based on two rare-cutting restriction enzymes, SgfI and PmeI, that provides a rapid, efficient and high-fidelity way to transfer protein-coding regions between a variety of Flexi Vectors without the need to resequence. Select the pFN31A and pFN31K Nluc CMV-Hygro Flexi Vectors for N-terminal protein fusions and pFC32A and pFC32K Nluc CMV-Hygro Flexi Vectors for C-terminal protein fusions. Also make NanoLuc protein fusions with the pNLF Vector series: Generate N- or C-terminal fusions to the full-length Nluc protein or attach secreted Nluc to the N-terminus of the protein of interest using traditional cloning with a multiple cloning site (MCS).

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