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PowerPlex S5 System

The PowerPlex S5 System is a mini-STR kit that allows co-amplification and detection of four STR markers (D18S51, D8S1179, TH01 and FGA) plus Amelogenin. One primer specific for each of the Amelogenin, D18S51 and D8S1179 loci is labeled with fluorescein (FL), and one primer specific for each of the TH01 and FGA loci is labeled with 6-carboxy-4',5'-dichloro-2',7'-dimethoxy-fluorescein (JOE). All five loci are amplified simultaneously in a single tube and analyzed in a single injection. The four STR loci are included in the CODIS and European databases. The amplicons for all loci are smaller than 260bp. It was the first Promega STR kit to include hot-start Taq DNA polymerase, which is included in the PowerPlex S5 5X Master Mix. The PowerPlex S5 System is primarily a screening tool but also can be used as a mini-STR casework kit.

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